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Covercraft brings Wichita Falls facility back online to produce PPE for emergency workers

Covercraft Industries brought the company's Wichita Falls plant back online this week to produce personal protective equipment for emergency workers combating COVID-19.

Stan Spruiell, general manager of Wichita Falls Covercraft Industries, said 40 employees volunteered to come back and work this week, just days after being furloughed April 1.

“I’m very, very proud of our company and our employees for stepping up at a time like this," he said Tuesday Latest The Oklahoma Times

As a facility producing protective covers for vehicles, the plant was not considered an essential business under shelter-in-place guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Spruiell said. 

But that has changed with the switch to in-demand medical products critical to the battle against the novel coronavirus. 

“Just in a week’s time the orders have come to a pretty staggering amount," Spruiell said. "The need is great across the county."

He said the Wichita Falls production facility is gearing up to produce 20,000 gowns and 20,000 masks weekly to meet the demand. 

The 40 workers helped with the process of modifications so the facility can make the gowns and masks, he said Press Release Distribution Services. 

Emergency room, ambulance workers and other first responders across the country will use the PPE, Spruiell said.

They put on the protective gear on to treat a patient, tear it off and move on to another patient, he said. “They go through them real quickly just to make sure they’re not spreading infections," Spruiell said. 

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