Brianna Keilar Wants Answers: Tells Former Trump Comm Director, “That Doesn’t Fly”

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The shocking, and yet wholly believable, revelation from Mark Meadows’ book, regarding the information that Trump tested affirmative good earlier the announcement, so 3 afloat days earlier the archetypal debate, continues to reverberate passim the country. The federation is utilized to learning of Trump medication lies, some earlier and aft the fact, this 1 goes a small deeper.

This prevarication mightiness person impacted nationalist information and recklessly enactment what had to beryllium hundreds of radical astatine risk.

This morning’s CNN occurrence of New Day dedicated a conception to the topic, successful which they interviewed Trump’s Communication’s Director astatine the time, Alysa Farah-Griffin.

As she is known to do, Brianna Keilar asked a tough, straight, question that allowed for nary wiggle room. What did Griffin cognize astir Trump’s wellness astatine the clip and adjacent much generally, close now?

Farah-Griffin, of course, answered with a non-answer: “I can’t uncover that astatine this time. The doctors would similar to support it private. My knowing is that it’s conscionable backstage aesculapian history”

CNN played a clip successful which Farah=Griffin obfuscated astatine the time

“Ok accidental so, Alysa? That doesn’t fly. So archer america what’s happening there.”

Somewhat outrageously, Farah-Griffin answered successful a mode that made her dependable similar a hero, talking astir the questions she got from immoderate of the starring reporters astatine the clip and taking the reporters’ side; “They wanted a timeline, which to maine seemed perfectly reasonable,”

Had the White House released a timeline aft Trump’s announcement it mightiness person sunk each chances of a Trump triumph 1 period earlier the election. But she continued;

“I went to the main of unit and to his doc and said ‘we are being bombarded by requests for the timeline. They said that is his backstage aesculapian records. That was my concatenation of command.” 

As if that were not enough, she added; “In retrospect, it wholly makes consciousness wherefore I was told that, due to the fact that they were hiding a mendacious positive. Most of america had nary idea.”

Umm, determination is simply a flimsy contradiction successful her 2 answers. She said she wanted them to uncover a timeline, but it lone present makes sense? And, it is simply a spot hard to judge that determination were aboriginal antagonistic tests (though it can’t beryllium proven by the media) due to the fact that the timeline fits truthful perfectly arsenic to erstwhile helium was astatine his sickest.

David Gregory, besides connected the panel, lit Farah-Griffin up:

“It’s besides absurd of people due to the fact that he’s the president of the United States,.

“All the privateness astir his health, it is important that our commandant successful main … helium could acceptable into the affluent past of different presidents who lied astir aesculapian ailments. He is the president during a pandemic, and is not telling the information astir investigating positive.”

Farah-Griffin jumped in, again – to beryllium 1 of the bully guys;

“I made that point. I pushed backmost and said this is successful the involvement of nationalist health, it is of captious nationalist interest. This is simply a 74-year-old commandant successful chief. His wellness matters.”

That determination was a mendacious positive?

That reply is the slightest believable successful the full interview. From what we cognize of the Trump administration, Trump made the decisions, not the staff, not the doctors, not the connection director, oregon anyone nether her astatine the time. Anyone who “fought back” risked being terminated by the extremity of the day. Of course, we cannot wholly regularisation retired that she’s telling the truth, but it conscionable doesn’t dependable similar thing that would hap successful that White House.

But it’s not the lone happening that doesn’t marque consciousness with respect to her answers oregon what the White House had to beryllium doing astatine the time. It would beryllium astir intolerable for the radical successful adjacent proximity to Trump to not cognize that something precise important was antithetic and it had to impact his health. The fewer radical astir Trump, and Trump himself, would rather abruptly beryllium acting precise otherwise than thing she had been utilized to.

We cannot know. But the communicative that makes acold much consciousness is that she knew, was told to lie, and why. It would beryllium irresponsible to not admit that if Farah-Griffin came close retired and said, “I was told to lie,” she would beryllium banished from Trump World altogether and her vocation successful blimpish politics, for the adjacent word astatine a minimum, would beryllium over.

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