Democrats To Save The US Economy Alone As Schumer Moves For Majority Vote On Debt Limit

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer volition question to walk an summation of the indebtedness bounds by a bulk ballot connected Tuesday afternoon.

Schumer said:

Leader Schumer: “Later this day I volition inquire unanimous consent for the Senate to clasp a ballot to summation the indebtedness bounds astatine a bulk threshold.”

— Senate Periodicals (@SenatePPG) September 28, 2021

By Senate rules, Majority Leader Schumer needs unanimous consent to proceed with a majority-only ballot connected raising the indebtedness limit.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans person stated that they privation Democrats to rise the indebtedness bounds connected their ain with nary Republican votes, truthful if Republicans artifact the unanimous consent request, it volition beryllium the aforesaid arsenic the Senate GOP declaring their enactment of trashing the system with a default.

Democrats Will Save The Economy From Republican Sabotage

If Republicans don’t artifact the unanimous consent request, Democrats volition ballot to rise the indebtedness limit, and determination volition beryllium nary default.

The adjacent step, which Democrats volition besides apt person to bash connected their ain is passing a continuing solution to support the authorities funded and open.

Democrats are stepping up to prevention America from Republican sabotage, and if Republicans basal successful their way, the GOP volition ain the demolition of the economy.

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