Nearly two weeks after the collapse, little hope remains of finding survivors.

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U.S.|Nearly 2 weeks aft the collapse, small anticipation remains of uncovering survivors.




Death Toll Nears 50 successful Surfside Condo Collapse

Rescue workers were capable to retrieve 10 much bodies from the rubble of Champlain Towers South. Nearly 100 radical stay unaccounted for.

The USAR squad has recovered an further 10 victims, bringing the full confirmed deaths to 46. Thirty-two of these victims person been identified and next-of-kin notifications person been made. At this time, 200 radical are present accounted for, and 94 radical are inactive unaccounted for. As we’ve continued to stress, the detectives are moving continuously to travel up connected each of the leads to find whether each of these perchance missing persons were really successful the gathering during the collapse. As the magnitude of this catastrophe continues to turn each and each time since the collapse, our assemblage and the satellite are grieving with each of the families who are surviving done this unthinkable tragedy. Our neighbors, our families and our archetypal responders person genuinely searched that heap each azygous time since the illness arsenic if they’re searching for their ain loved ones.

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Rescue workers were capable to retrieve 10 much bodies from the rubble of Champlain Towers South. Nearly 100 radical stay unaccounted for.CreditCredit...Saul Martinez for The New York Times

July 7, 2021Updated 2:08 p.m. ET

Working done the outer bands of a tropical storm, rescue workers recovered the bodies of 10 much victims from the rubble of a crumpled condominium successful Surfside, Fla., precocious Tuesday and aboriginal Wednesday, the astir they person recovered successful a 12-hour play since the gathering collapsed astir 2 weeks ago.

The grim discoveries raised the confirmed decease toll to 46, with 94 radical remaining unaccounted for, though not each of those were decidedly successful the tower erstwhile it fell.

“As the magnitude of this catastrophe continues to turn each and each time since the collapse, the assemblage and the satellite are grieving,” Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade County said astatine a quality league connected Wednesday morning.

Ms. Levine Cava began to outcry arsenic she repeated her tally of the dead successful Spanish. “Our committedness to this ngo is profoundly personal,” she said. “These are our neighbors and community.”

Throughout Tuesday nighttime and Wednesday, search-and-rescue teams continued to look for pockets successful the debris wherever survivors mightiness beryllium found, but the imaginable of uncovering anyone live seemed progressively unlikely.

Chief Alan Cominsky of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue told reporters that rescuers had seen nary denotation that immoderate of the recovered victims had survived the building’s archetypal collapse. He declined to accidental if hunt crews believed anyone mightiness stay live successful the rubble.

“We’ve been exhausting each effort,” helium said of the hunt effort, “and that’s wherever we are close now.”

Rescue workers had to intermission astatine points connected Tuesday due to the fact that of lightning strikes, and had anticipated that they mightiness person to bash truthful again connected Wednesday arsenic Tropical Storm Elsa reached hurricane spot astir 100 miles westbound of Florida. But forecasters downgraded Elsa to a tropical tempest earlier it made landfall precocious Wednesday morning connected Florida’s sparsely populated bluish Gulf Coast coast, successful Taylor County southeast of Tallahassee.

After periods of dense rainfall and lightning connected Tuesday, the entity successful the Miami country was simply overcast connected Wednesday morning, with a flimsy breeze.

Mayor Charles W. Burkett of Surfside said that the illness tract connected Wednesday was the busiest helium had seen it. Rescue teams were utilizing dense equipment, including ground-penetrating radar, to look for remains, helium said.

On Tuesday evening, officials offered reporters a constricted glimpse of the gathering tract for the archetypal time. What had erstwhile been portion of the extortion of the residential operation astatine 8777 Collins Avenue was astir astatine thoroughfare level, a acheronian splintered slab identifiable by a ventilation oregon exhaust fixture inactive successful 1 piece, slanted atop the heap similar a apical hat.

Debris poked retired astatine each imaginable angle. Twisted metallic knotted unneurotic similar histrion branches. Even the planters connected the sidewalk were cracked, a fewer surviving thenar trees withering away. Heavy machinery trawled astatine the backmost of the site, digging done the rubble successful a search-and-rescue effort that has, time aft heartbreaking day, yielded nary signs of life.

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