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Integris Hospital To Resume Outpatient Elective Procedures

OKLAHOMA CITY - Hospitals across the state are reviewing their policies, ahead of elective surgeries resuming later this week.

Starting Monday, outpatient elective imaging procedures will resume at Integris. This will be the first step in a multi-phase plan to resume procedures that stopped during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Different low-risk diagnostics like MRI, CT Scans and ultrasounds, Latest Oklahoma News among others will be able to return starting Monday.

The hospital says these scans are coming back first because they don't require the use of PPE beyond face shields and patient mask.

Integris says they're confident with a new registration process, and environmental safety practices these procedures will be safe.

Still they are cautious, and want to lift these restrictions as safely as possible
saying in part quote:

"While we are excited the executive order is being lifted we still need to be judicious with our limited inventory of PPE. Press Release Distribution Service We must resume operations intelligently and in a manner that protects patients, practitioners and caregivers."

Governor Stitt announced last week that elective surgeries can resume April 24th. However the administration says surgeries that have greater impacts on life should be prioritized.

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