Pixelity Games Launches a Campaign for the Patcher

 The Patcher, created by Pixelity Games, has launched a campaign through Kickstarter. The Patcher is a tactical multi-player action VR game players can enjoy through Oculus Store and Steam VR. Pixelity Games is a VR content development studio in South Korea, consisting of passionate and skilled members who are eager to experiment with new technology.The Patcher is an online multi-action VR game that marks the second part of the Chronicles of the Machina Vendor Trilogy. The base platform is Oculus Store and Steam VR, and it uses Unreal Engine 4 for graphics and gameplay. The game specializes in its top-quality VR game-play, different game modes, various contents, and vast storyline.For those who enjoy playing games on VR machines, they might have experienced mild headaches and dizziness during the gameplay. They also might have experienced the machine not recognizing the movement correctly, mirroring wrong motions in the game. The Patcher solves these problems by using the joystick controller for the game-play. While wearing the VR machine, the players will be controlling their character and making game plays with a controller. This removes the possibility of any headache players might experience and delay of command and action inputs in the game.The players are given a choice to pick a side, either Junkmol or Skymagg, to fight as. Once they have chosen, they will have four different game modes they can play. First is the Battle Field, where endless AI enemies are summoned and the players must fight them off while fighting the opposing faction as well. Second is Boss Raid, where the players must defeat the giant boss with their faction, but also be aware that other hunters are there and they must compete with them for the throat of the boss. Third is Conquest War, where the players must occupy the enemy's territories as long as possible by any means. Finally, the Death Match, where the players must create a party with their faction to fight the other faction to death.The Patcher is filled with contents players can enjoy. Three types of weapons, sword, bow, and gun, players can switch and use during the game, and also many active and passive skills they can obtain and upgrade. There are also masteries to raise the effect of the weapons and character skins to decorate one's own character. Finally, there is a shop where the players can purchase items and upgrades and a community where people can give and receive advice, tips, and also ask and answer questions.Finally, The Patcher has a grand and exciting storyline. The game takes place in the second part of the trilogy called The Chronicle of the Machina Vendor. As the players enjoy the game, they will discover the background and stories of each character and how all the conflicts and problems arose.Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/pixelity-games-launches-a-campaign-for-the-patcher-21560266

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