Senja Chronicles - Adventure novel

Senja Chronicles, the novel, will launch on April 14, 2023! Award-winning filmmakers Fansu Njie and Christopher M. Allport, have teamed up once again, now as authors, to stun readers with an epic action-adventure story in their upcoming novel, Senja Chronicles.Swedish-born Njie, and Allport a native of Los Angeles, have completed nearly a decade of research and writing ? with their motto to never give up. Senja Chronicles is the first epoch of a new and uniquely Scandinavian universe.  After Sigurd Martinsen?s wife is murdered, and his daughter is kidnapped in a brutal home invasion, Senja?s rich history and the mysteries of Segla Mountain are discovered by the badass commandos of NATO?s Echo Team.  Up against threats they had never dreamed of, the black-ops specialists find themselves in an epic battle for their own survival.  With the additional pressures of geopolitical posturing, Echo Team?s advanced resources are tested to the max against the presence of enigmatic entities, mysterious malfeasances, and political posturing. The DNA of Senja Chronicles emerges from profound personal experience on Senja, an isolated archipelago in northern Norway.  Interactions with local villagers infused this epic tale with sagas of World War II-era secret tunnels, legends of Scandinavian folklore, sightings of mythological trolls, vestiges of the Viking Age, stealthy snatchings of families, farmers and reindeer, as well as clandestine government operations. At the core of Senja Chronicles are moral dilemmas and questions related to the guilt, emptiness and emotional injury associated with losing a person you love.  How far would you go, and how hard would you fight, if there was a slight chance that your determination could bring your loved one home? Fansu Njie and Christopher M. Allport have fashioned a gripping story of loss, courage, and resurrection. Senja Chronicles is a captivating novel that excites and entertains readers who appreciate Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Action / Adventure.  Don?t miss the experience of Echo Team?s thrilling journey when Senja Chronicles launches. Exclusively on Amazon April 14, 2023.  

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